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Be Sound. Be Productive

Be on the watch and get your psycho-meter in line. Get personal counseling on demand and be in your best self all the time.

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Don't work to be Happy
Just work happily and you will be both happy and successful

If you are an organization looking out put your team on an auto-pilot mode by genuinely and emotionally investing in your employees' psychological, emotional and intellectual wellness, we can be a banyan tree for you. Happily helping our local partners and United Nations. 

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Business Challenges 





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Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business

More than 70% of employees always want to give their best, but only 30% of them are actually able to deliver what they determine. And, even when their heart is of gold and they want to help the business yet they are not able to. And we need to understand that the reason they are not able to help; because they NEED HELP!  

Employee Challenges that directly impact everyday work 

Personal Life

Family conflict, Financial insecurity, Loneliness, Stress and anxiety, Relationship issues, Inner conflict, Confusion and indecisiveness 

Work Life

Loss of motivation and Focus, Worrying about Career growth, Relationship with boss, Bullying, Feeling unappreciated, Lack of proper skills 

Work pressure is a part
of work and work is the biggest part of life

and it  is not the load that breaks us;
it's the way we carry it 

Pressure without sharpener only makes a tool blunt. Training your employees only on their skill set and trying to motivate them only by incentives and random pep talk won't do the job any more. They need the support beyond these now. So, let's step up as a 21st century organization and enable them on their psychological power, emotional power and intellectual power through one to one and group counseling sessions. 

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Let Us be your
Employee Wellness Partner


Chat Sessions

Chat with our licensed counselor and psychologist at your time, on your day. Refill your energy and regain your work focus.


Voice Calls

Get on a call with our specialized counselor from the comfort of your home and pour your heart out.


Video Calls

Build the connection with your personally dedicated counselor scheduling your video session

Let Us Train your team
on Mindset Over skillset 

How strong is your mind where you live 24X7? Does it work for you or against you? Ever thought of training your mind to develop your work habits as you always wanted?

If you are divided inside you can't be united outside. Look inside your mind and you will immediately wish if it was a little stronger, powerful and positive that it has ever been and the work wouldn't even feel like work but a natural extension of life. A skillset developed over the years can fail within a week if not supported with your mindset. Your Mindset is your hardware. Make sure it is powerful. 

Experience the power of psychology at workplace

Service Mindset Training Program


Developing service attitude, The power of a little extra, Leaving a lasting impression, Using personal, emotional and logical power in work, Practicing patients, Handling difficult Conversation with customers

Sales Mindset Training Program


Developing sales attitude, Power of a sales person, Using logic and emotion, Power statements matter, Developing resilience and thick skin, Managing stress

Our Road Map 2022

Being the world's 1st psychology consulting company, the integration of psychology with technology and business is our top most priority that we as a team have been working day and day out. Here are some of the life changing products we are working and hoping to release them soon for the beta tests this year



Most secured and easy to use counseling portal with tons of free counseling resources designed for employee and individual counseling


Counselor App

World class on demand counseling application with licenced and loved counselors available to offer help globally with dozens of futuristic features for next generation



Proven and tested positive psychology games designed to change on demand neuro-paths for work habits and mindset on fingertips . 

"Insure your mental wellness with the world-class counseling services with us and let us be there for you when you want, where you want and how you want"

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