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Psychologist, Ph.D

IIT, Madras 

A Gold Medalist Graduate in Applied Psychology who is now leveraging her basics in Psychology and Artistry to develop Art Therapy Models for Coporates. She owns a Blog on Art for Mental Health Purposes via her Instagram Handle on Weekly Basis. She has completed around four series such as Victimization, Self-Love, Collaboration and Codependence till now. She has 12 years of Experience in Academics and Research.



Clinical Psychologist 

Ph.D. RCI - A31544

A Clinical Psychologist who is also a Mentor and Coach. She is also a Leader and a Motivator. She is Confident, Practical and a Compassionate person. She has the Power to Motivate people around her in a Positive Manner. Her aim is to Work for the Betterment of the people around her and to create an Atmosphere around them where they can feel the true Happiness, Love and Peace.

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Naina Seth

Clinical Psychologist 

M.Phil. RCI - A103238

She holds a Degree in Psychology and has experience in providing various Psychological Assessments including Neuropsychology, Personality, Psycho Diagnostic in her Clinical Practice and it revolves around applying CBT oriented Psychotherapy. She is a Compassionate Individual who addresses the needs of her clients and work towards improving their Quality of life





Clinical Psychologist 

Gold Medalist

M.Phil. RCI - A66923

A Clinical Psychologist, a leader, motivator and a Strategist. She possesses Strong Problem Solving and Interpersonal Skills. She has an Aim to Motivate as many people as she can. She is very Patient when it comes to listening to “People and their Problems”. She Loves her Profession and always tries to focus on Solving Problems with Communication and Positive Approach.

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Clinical Psychologist 

M.Phil. RCI - 2020-96831-A

A Certified Psychologist and an Art Therapist who is Dedicated, Determined and Passionate about her Profession. She is a Creative Person who loves the idea of “Using your Creativity as your Therapy”. She possesses Strong Problem Solving Skills and good Communication skills. She is Working hard to contribute towards the betterment of the society in the best possible way she can.

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Ashish Pratim Bohra

Clinical Psychologist 

M.Phil. & Ph.D.

RCI -2021-10479-A

A Clinical Psychologist who loves to keep his mental health sound through Mindfulness, Cycling and Exercise. He is interested in domains like Childhood Disorders, Assessments of Disability, Behaviour Modification Training, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety and many more. He possesses good Communication Skills and a sense of Determination towards his Profession.

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Singh Rajawat

Clinical Psychologist 

M.Phil. & Ph.D.

RCI -2021-104877

A Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is also the Founder and the Director of Ameliorate- Gateway to a Healthy Mind. She is blessed with strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills with High Optimism. Her main Aim is to primarily focus on Health that leads to Social, Mental and Physical Well-Being. She believes in Holistic approach that results in the betterment of her patients.

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Consultant Psychologist
M.Phil. in child and adolescent Psychology

She is a Consultant Psychologist who is expert in Psychological Testing and Assessment of Newborns to the Adolescent. Her specialized areas of interest include Autism, ADHD, Learning Disorders and many more in Children and Adolescents. She is also an expert in issues related to Adults like Stress, Anger Management, Career concerns etc. She possesses strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

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Dr. Richa Arya

Counseling Psychologist 

RCI - A69301

A Counselling Psychologist who has Established her Skills and Strength in Psychotherapy and Training of Young Professionals through her years of experience in the field. She is an Enthusiastic, Organized, and a Peripatetic Person. She had worked on many Academic Projects and written many Articles related to Psychology. She is working Effectively with Children to help them deal with Emotional Issues.

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Shweta Chhabra

Clinical Psychologist 

M.Phil. RCI - A63644

A Certified Clinical Psychologist who Loves to Explore Different Cultures and Culture driven problems to understand Better and Help accordingly. She has been a part of different Workshops and Seminars focused on “Mental Health Awareness” in order to get over the stigma of “Mental Illness”. She possesses a Friendly as well as an Assertive Nature. She always tries to find “Positivity in the Pool of Negativity”.


Manisha Verma

Clinical Psychologist RCI - B21366

A Clinical Psychologist who has the ability to work independently and take initiatives to get the desired results. She is a result- oriented person. She is well aware of the emotional needs of Children from all Ages and Economic backgrounds. She possesses Emotional Intelligence, Ethical and Eloquent skills. Her feeling of empathy towards people, selfless devotion and determination makes her the perfect choice for this role


Kanika Shehkawat

Clinical Psychologist

RCI - A71031

An Associate Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has experience of working for over 4 years with clients of all ages in Clinical and Educational Setups. She strongly believes in Empowering individuals through Creating Awareness and Leveraging Evidence based Techniques. She is Hardworking, Determined and a Confident Personality with Good Communication and Interpersonal skills.

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Namrata Chakraborty

Clinical Psychologist 


A Clinical Psychologist who believes that our mental health has an immense impact on our Daily Life, Relationships and also our Professional Life. For her, therapy is a journey, where walking along with you patients makes it meaningful. Her job revolves around everyone who needs help to cope up with the problems going on in their lives. “‘Therapy is for all”, is the only motto she follows.

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S. Acharya

Organizational  Psychologist 

M.Phil. in Counselling Psychology

A Career Counsellor who is a fun loving, outspoken, empathetic and extrovert girl. She believes in Listening to others point of view first. She has been Counselling Adults or Adolescents on a daily basis as a part of her job which she enjoys. She also believes that in the Present Scenario people are Feeling Lonely and want an Ear to Listen to them without the Fear of Being Judged.

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Sonal Chadha

Clinical Psychologist M. Phil

A Clinical Psychologist whose aim is to help her clients to deal with their mental health and be able to take a first step for its well being. She believes that it is not an easy step but Mental Health is as crucial as Physical Well-Being. She has 7 years of working experience in this field. She is trained in working with both Clinical and Non- Clinical adult populations. Her dedication and love towards the profession is commendable.

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Dr. Harshika

Counseling psychologist

A Counselling Psychologist who creatively uses the applied knowledge of Therapeutic processes in assessing, diagnosing, preventing and treating mental health issues. She has profound knowledge of applying the techniques based on Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama & Task Based Psychotherapies in Developing Workshops for Psychological Healing. She is a Passionate and an Innovative Person.

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Himani Sharma

Clinical Psychologist Forensic Psychology 

M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

She is a Clinical Psychologist who owes extensive active listening and communication skills. She gives full attention to her patients. Her Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving Skills helps her to determine the best course of action needed for her patients. She is dedicated to serving patients in a meaningful way and helping them learn how to approach behavioural problems in the best way possible.

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Arpit Hundal

Consulting Psychologist 
Advanced Diploma

She specializes in child, adolescent and parent counselling. She always envisioned herself to be a Counselling Psychologist because he is an Active Listener, Patient and Observant Person. She also possesses Good Interpersonal Intelligence that resonates with her Development as a Psychologist. She is an excellent performer in terms of Academics. Besides everything, She is a Dog Lover and an Artist.

Suchita Thakkar.jpg

Suchita Thakkar

Counseling Psychologist M.A

She's focused, sharp, caring, and full of empathy. She have got decades of counseling and teaching experience
She's understanding, curious, easy-going yet witty in finding problems. She have made an imprint in my whole professional journey..


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Chaitri Vasavada

Industrial Psychologist 


A Psychology enthusiast who loves to experiment with different domains of the Corporate Sector. She aspires to work in fields like HR, Corporates, Schools etc. that allows her to use her knowledge of “Psych and People” which can bring a change in the world in terms of recognizing the importance of Mental Health. She has excellent Communication and Problem Solving Skills along with Proactiveness and Punctuality.

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Daniela Lucy Dan

Counseling Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist who is highly empathetic, compassionate, observant and responsive. She is a certified remedial teacher for children with learning disabilities. She believes in saying, “I don’t know”, because it helps her to learn more and understand better. She is full of Enthusiasm and aims to grow continuously on different levels of Emotions, Spirituality and Professionalism.

Photo- Aarushi (1).jpeg

Aarushi Mathur

Clinical Psychologist Forensic Psychology 

M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

She is a Clinical Psychologist. She is a fun-loving person who likes to interact with the people around and is eager to learn more about the topics of her field and related fields. She likes to put up her perspective and perception of any topic about which she has knowledge. She thrives in a fluctuating environment and transform unexpected obstacles into stepping stones for achievements.

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Aritri Chandra

Industrial Psychologist 

She is pursuing her master’s in Industrial Psychology from Calcutta University. She is a Team Player and possesses Good Leadership Qualities. She is an Honest and Punctual person who loves to take New Challenges. She enjoys trying different domains and has working experience with startups as well as with well established companies. She has a Good Understanding of people and their concerns with patience and perseverance.


Aishna Jain

Industrial  Psychologist 

She has a Masters in Industrial Psychology and is very Optimistic, Empathetic and Compassionate. She uses a Solution Based Approach of Living Life. She believes in Creating a Safe Space for the clients to help them in their Holistic Growth and Well-Being. She is curious, easy-going and energetic when it comes to finding solutions. Her goal is to facilitate people in Achieving Self-Awareness and Confidence.

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